Saturday, December 24, 2011

return & reflect


that's how many days it's been since the last post.

i stumbled back on this blog by mere coincidence. contemplating the year that's been and how different areas of my life has progressed, digressed and changed.

something i've learnt and come to accept is that time changes everything. be it a relationship that you were absolutely positive would come to be the staple of your life or be it your perception on how the world rotates and functions. 2011 was a weird year to say the least. there are flashes of memory that i hold quite fondly and some that i would sooner forget. 

one thing i am proud of is the expansion of self to slowly yet surely get to know an amazingly humble bunch of people. even though one would think it is quite the norm in life to meet such people, for someone who'd rather stay in the background more often than not, it was quite the achievement. 

what puzzles me, however, is that despite this there are still moments (or dare i say quite a few moments) when you do feel quite truly alone.

in the past year i've released an EP. it was one of the proudest moments of my life. seeing something i hold very personal come to pass. it wasn't an extravagant affair. nothing related to me ever really is but it felt fulfilling to know that i had worked on something for close to an year and with the help of a couple of other individuals it was possible for this project to see the light of day and to be received by quite a handful of people in a very positive manner.

as of now i still feel like i'm floating. drifting on an ocean floor. the only difference is contentment in the fact of knowing that time changes everything. knowing is an advantage in the playing field. it leaves you (half) prepared for the biggest shocks and surprises life has to offer. for the most part there's a positive vibe in my thought process and for this i am grateful. i can only hope that it prevails for as long a time as possible.

the shadow indeed proves the sunshine. 

a merry Christmas to all who read this post and a truly happy new year. 

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